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Chemical Composition
(1) Cu + Sum of Named Elements 99.7% min. (2) Cu value includes Ag. (3) 0.005% Pb max. for hot rolling. (4) Ni value includes Co.
Min (%)
Max (%)Rem0.026.50.500.509.50.150.300.10
Mechanical Properties*
Temper Code
Tensile Strength
YS-0.5% Ext
YS-0.05% Offset
Strip1/2 Hard and Spinodal Hardened (1/2 TS)TS02125   Min for Standard
100   Min for Standard
6   Typ
1/4 Hard and Spinodal Hardened (1/4 TS)TS01115   Min for Standard
85   Min for Standard
10   Typ
Hard and Spinodal Hardened TS04135   Min for Standard
115   Min for Standard
4   Typ
Solution Heat TreatedTB0060   Min for Standard
23   Min for Standard
30   Typ
Solution Heat Treated and Cold Worked: 1/2 HardTD0282   Min for Standard
57   Min for Standard
6   Typ
Solution Heat Treated and Cold Worked: 1/4 HardTD0172   Min for Standard
48   Min for Standard
12   Typ
Solution Heat Treated and Cold Worked: HardTD0497   Min for Standard
77   Min for Standard
3   Typ
Special Spring and Spinodal Hardened TS12150   Min for Standard
130   Min for Standard
2   Typ
Spinodal Hardened-Low Strength (ATLS) TX00100   Min for Standard
55   Min for Standard
15   Typ
Spring and Spinodal Hardened TS08145   Min for Standard
125   Min for Standard
3   Typ
* Measured at room temperature, 68°F (20°C).
Physical Properties
Melting Point - Liquidus°F2012
Melting Point - Solidus°F1697
Densitylb/cu in. at 68°F0.321
Specific Gravity8.89
Electrical Conductivity% IACS at 68°F11
Modulus of Elasticity in Tensionksi17000
Fabrication Properties
Technique Suitability
Gas Shielded Arc WeldingExcellent
Spot WeldExcellent
Seam WeldExcellent
Butt WeldExcellent
Capacity for Being Cold WorkedExcellent
Capacity for Being Hot FormedGood
Common Fabrication Processes
  • Bending
  • Blanking
  • Coining
  • Cold Heading
  • Drawing
  • Forming
  • Roll Threading and Knurling
  • Stamping
Thermal Properties
Treatment Minimum* Maximum*
* Temperature is measured in Fahrenheit.
Hot Treatment12001600
Typical uses
Product Category Product Reason Category Reason
ElectricalConnectorsConductivity (Electrical)Electrical Conductivity
ConnectorsConductivity (Thermal)Thermal Conductivity
ConnectorsCorrosion ResistanceCorrosion Resistance
ConnectorsMechanical PropertiesToughness
ConnectorsMechanical PropertiesVery High Strength
ConnectorsThermal PropertiesResistance to Stress Relaxation
IndustrialCoil SpringsCorrosion ResistanceCorrosion Resistance
Coil SpringsForming CharacteristicsFormability
Coil SpringsMechanical PropertiesHigh Modulus of Elasticity
Coil SpringsMechanical PropertiesToughness
Coil SpringsMechanical PropertiesVery High Strength
Coil SpringsThermal PropertiesResistance to Stress Relaxation
SpringsCorrosion ResistanceCorrosion Resistance
SpringsMechanical PropertiesHigh Modulus of Elasticity
SpringsMechanical PropertiesToughness
SpringsMechanical PropertiesVery High Strength
SpringsThermal PropertiesResistance to Stress Relaxation
Applicable Specifications
Form System Standard Description
Corrosion Properties

No information available.