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Chemical Composition
(1) Cu + Sum of Named Elements 99.5% min. (2) Ni value includes Co.
Min (%)60.00.500.30
Max (%)
Mechanical Properties*
Temper Code
Tensile Strength
Rockwell B scale
Shear Strength
Impact Strength
Compressive Strength .1 in. set/in.
Rod & BarAs Permanent Mold CastM0549.3   Min
55.1   Typ
60.9   Max
32   Typ
80   Typ
30.1   Typ
283   Typ
As Sand CastM0149.3   Min
55.1   Typ
60.9   Max
32   Typ
80   Typ
30.1   Typ
283   Typ
* Measured at room temperature, 68°F (20°C).
Physical Properties
Melting Point - Liquidus°F1706
Melting Point - Solidus°F16140
Densitylb/cu in. at 68°F0.3
Specific Gravity8.31
Electrical Conductivity% IACS at 68°F16.7
Thermal ConductivityBtu/ sq ft/ ft hr/ °F at 68°F41.88
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 68-21210⁻⁶ per °F (68 – 212°F)9.22
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 68-39210⁻⁶ per °F (68 – 392°F)10.39
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 68-57210⁻⁶ per °F (68 – 572°F)10.67
Specific Heat CapacityBtu/ lb /°F at 68°F0.101
Modulus of Elasticity in Tensionksi15050
Modulus of Rigidityksi5600
Poisson's Ratio0.36
Casting Characteristics

No casting characteristics for this alloy

Fabrication Properties
Technique Suitability
Oxyacetylene WeldingFair
Gas Shielded Arc WeldingFair
Coated Metal Arc WeldingFair
Spot WeldFair
Seam WeldFair
Butt WeldFair
Capacity for Being Cold WorkedNot Recommended
Fabrication Process Properties

No fabrication process properties for this alloy

Thermal Properties
Treatment Minimum* Value*
* Temperature is measured in Fahrenheit.
Stress Relief572
Typical uses
Product Category Product Reason Category Reason
PlumbingValve Bodies, Faucets and Plumbing Componsnts
Applicable Specifications

No applicable specifications for this alloy

Corrosion Properties

No information available.