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Chemical Composition
(1) Cu + Sum of Named Elements 99.0% min. (2) 0.01 - 2.0% as any single or combination of Ce La or other rare earth(x) elements as agreed upon. (x)ASM International definition: one of the group of chemically similar metals with atomic numbers 57 through 71 commonly refered to as lanthanides (3) Ni value includes Co.
Min (%)
Max (%)88.00.1011.
Mechanical Properties*
Temper Code
Tensile Strength
YS-0.5% Ext
Brinell Hardness, 500 kg load
As Sand CastAs Sand CastM0135   Typ
18   Typ
20   Typ
73   Typ
6   Typ
* Measured at room temperature, 68°F (20°C).
Physical Properties
Melting Point - Liquidus°F1805
Melting Point - Solidus°F1432
Densitylb/cu in. at 68°F0.323
Specific Gravity8.94
Electrical Conductivity% IACS at 68°F10.8
Thermal ConductivityBtu/ sq ft/ ft hr/ °F at 68°F29
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 68-39210⁻⁶ per °F (68 – 392°F)10.3
Specific Heat CapacityBtu/ lb /°F at 68°F0.089
Modulus of Elasticity in Tensionksi16400
Casting Characteristics
Casting Attribute Level
Casting YieldHigh
Effect of Section SizeLow
Patternmakers Shrinkageinches per inch3/32
Shrinkage in SolidificationLow
Fabrication Properties
Technique Suitability
Oxyacetylene WeldingNot Recommended
Gas Shielded Arc WeldingNot Recommended
Coated Metal Arc WeldingNot Recommended
Machinability Rating80
Common Fabrication Processes
  • Casting
Thermal Characteristics

No thermal characteristics for this alloy

Typical uses
Product Category Product Reason Category Reason
IndustrialBushingsCorrosion ResistanceCorrosion Resistance
BushingsFriction & Wear PropertiesWear Resistance
BushingsLead FreeLead-Free Alternative to Leaded Alloy C93700
BushingsMechanical PropertiesModerate Strength
High Speed, High Pressure BearingsCorrosion ResistanceCorrosion Resistance
High Speed, High Pressure BearingsFriction & Wear PropertiesWear Resistance
High Speed, High Pressure BearingsLead FreeLead-Free Alternative to Leaded Alloy C93700
High Speed, High Pressure BearingsMechanical PropertiesModerate Strength
Applicable Specifications

No applicable specifications for this alloy

Corrosion Properties

No information available.